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By Kids Electronic Toy Manufacturer Cheertone | 17 January 2024 | 0 Comments

Expanding Kids Electronic Toy E-commerce Sales in the Middle East

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Why is the Middle East the best choice to increase e-commerce sales of kids electronic toys
There are mainly 2 reasons:

1. The economic and cultural advantages of the Middle East:
Since the economy of the Middle East region relies on imported products, it is considered a potential growth market and is increasingly valued. At present, the Internet penetration rate in the Middle East has exceeded 70%, and the epidemic has further catalyzed the development of the local e-commerce industry. 

According to Statista report on Toys&Hobby - United Arab Emirates, in 2024, the revenue of the UAE toy market will reach US$770 million, with a compound growth rate (GAGR) of 9.6% from 2019 to 2024. The Middle East will become The region with the highest growth rate in the global kids electronic toys market.

In addition to economic advantages, the geo-culture of the Middle East plays a key role in promoting the growth of the local kids toy market. Since most countries in the Middle East are Islamic countries with generous national welfare policies and encouragement of childbirth, every household has at least three children. 

Therefore, when parents buy toys, they order multiple sets together, which means that in the Middle East, the demand for local toy consumption is huge. Where there is demand, there will be supply, so if you are preparing for an e-commerce business or preparing to expand into new markets for your e-commerce business, the Middle East must be your best choice.

2. Customized kids electronic toys are more popular in the Middle East
As of 2023, there are five main categories of best-selling kids electronic toys in the Middle East, based on data from Cheertone's local dealer projects in the Middle East and market research data. Mainly include doll toys, STEM toys, Kids Smart Watch, Kids Learning Laptop, and handheld TV game consoles.

It is worth mentioning that in the past, the best-selling doll toy in the Middle East was not the globally popular Barbie, but the local brand Fulla Doll.
Fulla doll vs Barbie doll
Fulla doll vs Barbie doll - Pic From Google
As can be seen from the picture, Fulla does not dress in a modern fashion like Barbie, but wears traditional Arab clothing. Because Barbie is considered a product of the United States, its values are not recognized by Middle Eastern countries. So a Syrian toy company launched this doll called Fulla to replace Barbie, which is more in line with Islamic values.

Therefore, if you want your toys to sell well in the Middle East, you must first ensure that your toys are in line with local people's cultural concepts and needs.

In addition to dolls, STEM toys, Kids smart watches, and kids learning laptops are also very popular in the Middle East, because parents in these regions attach great importance to their kids education and development.

According to Wikipedia's knowledge of Middle Eastern religions, Islam is the most widely believed religion in the Middle East. About 20% of the world's Muslims live in the Middle East, and about 85% of the people in the Middle East are Muslims. Islam is based on the Quran and teaches belief in one God (Allah). Therefore, in the Middle East, parents attach great importance to their kids inheritance of the Quran.
Muslim Population of Middle East - Data From Wikipedia
Muslim Population of Middle East - Data From Wikipedia
On the channel of Dawood Kids TV, a video host with millions of subscribers on Youtube, he shares videos of children learning the Quran through different media, and has received more than 100 million views. It can be imagined that the Quran is popular in the Middle East How important is the position.
Dawood Kids TV on Youtube
Dawood Kids TV on Youtube
Cheertone happened to have discussed with a customer in the Middle East how to use toys to help children learn the Quran better. After data research and actual conditions, they finally decided to use Kids learning laptop CT-900 as the carrier of the OEM project. Through storybooks, learning cards and other interesting interactive forms, children can learn the knowledge of the Quran while playing.

How to enter the Middle East kids electronic toy market more quickly?
According to statistics, the current market share of educational kids toys is mainly occupied by well-known brands such as Lego, Mattel, Hasbro, VTech and Spin Master, and it is difficult for non-well-known brands to compete with them. If you want to gain more market share, you must invest more money and time, which is unrealistic. But do non-famous brands really have no chance?
Educational Toys Market Share of Key Players
Educational Toys Market Share of Key Players
The answer is no. Non-famous brands can choose OEM or ODM customization services to create innovative products that compete with big brands. "Standing on the shoulders of giants to carry out micro-innovation", giants refer to those well-known brands that occupy the top market share. On the basis of their existing products, we add our unique ideas and innovative designs, and the products are better than those of big brands. Better quality, more novel.

This is also the product innovation concept that Cheertone has been adhering to and improving. In the past 17 years, it has incubated more than 100+ high-quality kids electronic toy brand customers, including cross-border e-commerce trading companies, international local retailers, and large international supermarkets.

So how to carry out micro-innovation?  
There are mainly two points that need to be made clear:

Choose the right quality manufacturer:
Choosing a professional and stable manufacturer of kids electronic toys is not an easy task. For example, among the many B2B e-commerce platforms, how to distinguish the source manufacturers and trading companies on Alibaba? 

As a 17 years BSCI certified professional kids electronic toy manufacturer, Cheertone will tell you in detail. An high-quality manufacturer must be equipped with a complete technical team, design team, R&D team, production equipment, stable supply chain, factory certification and product certification, all of which are indispensable.

From the above 7 points of information, you can roughly judge whether a manufacturer's capabilities meet the standards. In addition, you can also search for relevant information about the manufacturer through Google to check whether it has bad feedback. Generally speaking, a professional manufacturer must have its official website, real address and contact information.

Internationally, we may not be the best, but we must be the most attentive. Altruism has always been the purpose and concept of our long-term operation. We firmly believe that only high-quality products can retain high-quality customers.

Choose appropriate OEM or ODM customization services:
Not all products support customization services. This is because customized products involve project delivery cycle issues, and the structural or functional limitations of the product itself prevent it from supporting customization services.

Before choosing OEM or ODM customization services, as a dealer, you also need to make a selection based on the expected sales time of your goods to avoid missing the peak sales season during the holidays. Generally speaking, OEM projects are faster than ODM projects, and can be delivered 30-45 days after the design draft and plan are finalized, while ODM services take longer.

Generally speaking, OEM customization projects usually only change simple functions or add logo, silk screen, color box style and instruction language modification, etc. ODM projects are more complex and require customers to communicate with our professional engineering designers, such as product software adaptation issues, hardware materials, structural design and other professional product knowledge.

But even if you know nothing about ODM projects, there is no need to worry. Because we have an experienced R&D and design team that can help you achieve your goals from 0 to 1. If you don’t know how to increase your e-commerce sales by customizing kids electronic toys, please contact us to find out.

The kids electronic toy market in the Middle East is a market full of opportunities and challenges. It will continue to maintain rapid growth in the future and will also face more competition and changes. Especially catalyzed by the popularity of the Internet and the epidemic, the e-commerce industry is booming. 

Secondly, families in the Middle East have many children and have a high demand for toys, especially localized toys. Therefore, if you want to enter the Middle East market, it is recommended to use customized services such as OEM or ODM to create unique products, and finding a high-quality source manufacturer is the key step!

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