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By Kids Electronic Toy Manufacturer Cheertone | 30 November 2023 | 0 Comments

How to Make Your Kids Electronic Toy More Popular During the Holidays?

Green and Red Simple and Professional Christmas Scene Greetings Christmas Presentation
Holidays are a magical time for children, and as a distributor of electronic toys, maximizing sales during this festive season is crucial. In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies to make your products more popular during the holidays, providing valuable insights for B2B clients in the children's electronic toy industry.

While different countries have various holidays, it's a commonality that people enjoy shopping and spending during festive seasons, both adults and children alike. As distributors, retailers, and manufacturers, holidays present an excellent opportunity to boost sales. However, how can you make your brand of children's electronic toys more popular during these holiday periods?

This article will unveil the best strategies in two aspects:
①Why are consumers more willing to spend during the holidays?
②How to make your product a holiday bestseller?

I. Why are consumers more willing to spend during the holidays?
Data from Google Trends shows a peak in searches for keywords related to Christmas toys around the Christmas period every year. This is closely related to the tradition of Christmas, where children look forward to receiving gifts from "Santa Claus," and toys are an integral part of this festive anticipation.
Google Trends data for the last 90 days of christmas toys   Google Trends data for the last 90 days of christmas toys
Christmas toys Google trend data for nearly five years   Google Trends data for the last 5 years of christmas toys
During the holidays, parents spend more time with their children, and most families opt to go shopping in malls. When approaching the entrance of a physical toy store, children are naturally attracted to toys just purchased by their peers. Hence, the herd effect stimulates consumer spending during the holidays. Besides physical stores, online shopping platforms are also filled with a strong holiday atmosphere. For instance, the official website of the American toy industry giant ToysRus has already released lists and guides for Christmas shopping.
Toys Rus Online Shop websiteToys Rus Online Shop website
These two factors, the holiday effect and the herd mentality, lay the foundation for increased consumer spending during holidays. Understanding these aspects clarifies the importance of holiday-specific consumption for distributors or manufacturers like us. So, how can you create a best-selling children's electronic toy during the holidays to generate more profits?

II. How to make your product a holiday bestseller?
A high-quality product doesn't necessarily become a bestseller, but a bestseller is always based on a high-quality product. Why is that? A bestseller also has two additional characteristics: it must follow current events closely and possess a high cost-performance ratio.

For example, if you shelf your Halloween or Easter inventory during Christmas, do you think it will generate good profits? The answer is undoubtedly no. During Christmas, products like Christmas trees, dolls wearing Christmas outfits, and children's electronic toys with Christmas songs become very popular. Therefore, a bestseller must closely follow current events.

Cost-performance ratio doesn't mean cheap products represent high cost-performance. It means that after spending money, consumers should feel they have received higher value and experience than the actual price paid, making them feel it's a "value for money" purchase. Hence, during holidays, sellers can adopt a "buy more, get more" marketing strategy.

① OEM, ODM customization of products related to holiday elements:
As mentioned earlier, a bestseller must closely follow current events. However, as an ordinary seller, it's impossible to create products related to holiday elements out of thin air. This involves product customization services.

Whether you are a small-scale distributor or a well-known local retailer, when looking for product customization services, it's essential to distinguish between cross-border trading companies and cross-border integrated manufacturing companies. In general, cross-border trading companies do not have factories and production equipment, so it's impossible for them to help you achieve the goal of customizing products. In contrast, integrated manufacturers are different. They not only have professional production equipment and technical personnel but also provide a complete set of pre-sales and after-sales service guarantees.

Cheertone Technology is a kids electronic toy manufacturer with 17 years of manufacturing experience and 15 years of OEM, ODM product customization service experience. Its main products include kids smart watch, kids camera, kids learning machine, game console, etc., dedicated to helping customers achieve the goal of innovation and market expansion from 0 to 1.

Regarding customized product service cases that integrate holiday elements, we have encountered a case that happened to be launched for sale during Christmas. 

About Vintage Mini Arcade CT-881X Customization - In this case, the customer chose to customize our retro mini arcade CT-881X through ODM. It incorporated retro elements from "Reply 1988" into the design and packaging. Coupled with the outstanding performance of the product itself, it became very popular among local consumers and became the best-selling product during the Christmas period. Because of this ODM project, we also received more new orders.

We understand that providing a high-quality product is not an easy task, and we have been working with many well-known brands such as Walmart, Aldi, Lidl, Lexibook, Lifestyle to ensure this. If you also happen to have the need for customized kids electronic toy product services, feel free to contact us.

② Bundle Sales:
In terms of products, we can implement a bundled sales strategy, allowing consumers to freely match the items they need to purchase. The more they buy, the more cost-effective it becomes. Just like the latest product launched by Cheertone, the children's Bluetooth printing camera CT-P14, it adopts a design concept that allows for free combination, similar to Lego blocks. All accessories you see can be freely selected or removed, such as detachable and replaceable lenses, adjustable triangular brackets, cute doll accessories, stickers, colored pens, photo paper, etc.

By giving the choice to consumers, they can genuinely buy the products and accessories they need, rather than traditional bundled sales.
Kids instant print camera CT-P14Kids instant print camera CT-P14
Kids instant print camera CT-P14 - Picture from Cheertone Technology
③ Online Promotion:
If you have already prepared the products to be sold during the holiday season, it's time to prepare for promotion. The traditional offline promotion model has brought in less traffic than before and is more expensive. However, online promotion is different; it has lower costs, more significant traffic, and higher conversion rates. So, how to conduct online promotion?

There are mainly two ways. The most common one is to advertise on Google, select the corresponding product keywords, attract clicks, and complete purchases on your website. The second is to find internet celebrities for promotion. Now, various social media platforms have many internet celebrities doing product reviews or exploring stores to promote products or stores. This method is much more effective than the first because consumers are more willing to believe the comments of people who have purchased the product or the promotional words of influential public figures. Of course, the service fee for internet celebrity promotion is much more expensive than placing your own ads.

III. Conclusion
In this dealer's guide, we delved into how to make children's electronic toys more popular during the holidays, analyzing consumer spending intentions and how to create holiday bestsellers from various aspects. Whether you are a distributor, retailer, or manufacturer, designing and creating products must be centered around the value interests of consumers. A high-quality product must be practical for consumers, and continuous improvement should come from consumer feedback. The refined product should then be fed back to consumers, forming a virtuous cycle. I hope this guide provides you with substantial help.

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